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While IPv4 addresses were officially depleted over a decade ago, they remain an important and valuable asset for backward compatibility of modern Internet services. Despite the scarcity, numerous organizations possess substantial quantities of IPv4 resources, estimated to exceed a market value of $10 billion. However, many of these resources remain untapped, lying dormant within internal networks or underutilized; in some cases these assets represent legacy technical debt resulting in performance and security challenges.

Our mission

IPClear tackles this challenge by offering innovative solutions to help organizations accelerate the monetization of their IPv4 resources. Through automation, IPClear enables customers to efficiently leverage their IP assets, maximizing revenue potential while minimizing operational overhead.

Industry Expertise

IPClear is spearheaded by a team of seasoned executives who bring together more than six decades of collective experience in the design, development, and deployment of cutting-edge network solutions and infrastructures across various settings. Our leadership has honed their expertise at prominent firms including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They are united by a commitment to technological innovation and a relentless focus on providing exceptional value to our customers as well as driving substantial business growth.

Acceleration ROI and Value

Built on a foundation of discipline and years of meticulous, incremental execution, IPClear has crafted its namesake solution—IPClear—to revolutionize how our customers deliver their services. IPClear empowers seamless, swift delivery that not only boosts efficiency but also drives revenue growth through smart automation.

At the heart of IPClear’s platform lies cutting-edge data collection and analysis capabilities. These tools provide our clients, customers, and partners with the insights needed to ensure their investments yield maximum returns through strategic automation. Our detailed, up-to-the-minute data is what sets our platform apart, providing the essential information that powers our comprehensive suite of tools.

Monetization Through Automation

IPClear’s focus on automation is the cornerstone of its approach. By streamlining network and infrastructure processes, organizations can do more with less, extracting capital and generating revenue in a scalable and sustainable manner. IPClear provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to deliver an end-to-end transformation and monetization experience.
IPClear’s automation platform enables robust outcomes, including:

IPClear's Approach

At IPClear, we believe in progress without disruption. Our incremental deployment strategy, powered by automation, ensures steady advancement while safeguarding the customer experience. Say goodbye to abrupt, large-scale changes and welcome a refined process where each step is meticulously crafted for continuous improvement.

Key Benefits:

The IPClear Difference:

Leadership Team

IPClear’s dynamic leadership team, a group of seasoned professionals dedicated to driving innovation and excellence. With a diverse range of expertise and a shared commitment to our vision, they guide our company towards sustained growth and success. Together, they inspire our teams to reach new heights and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

John Jason Brzozowski


John Jason Brzozowski, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, has been at the forefront of large-scale, transformative infrastructure and platform initiatives. His expertise spans diverse disciplines, including networking (both service provider and home environments), cloud technologies, software development, and embedded systems.

As a visionary leader, John’s impact reverberates across the cable industry’s multifaceted ecosystem, encompassing voice, video, and internet services. His numerous contributions and accomplishments have fueled innovation and scalability within one of the world’s largest residential broadband networks.

Notably, John orchestrated seamless support for IPv6 across more than 100 million consumer-facing devices, with the majority now operating exclusively on IPv6. His strategic initiatives also led to IPv4 asset recovery valued at over $3 billion USD today. As a result, he has overseen what is arguably the world’s largest fixed-line broadband IPv6 deployment.

In his capacity as co-founder, John harnesses his vast industry knowledge to spearhead innovative technology projects that prioritize revenue growth while ensuring smooth implementation. With roots firmly planted in Philadelphia, he leads with a dedication to both client satisfaction and groundbreaking innovation. Outside the corporate environment, John channels his enthusiasm into road cycling, skiing, and swimming—activities that reflect his tenacity, resolve, and adventurous spirit.

More than just a co-founder, John stands out as an influential pioneer who personifies forward-thinking creativity and active community involvement. His path not only exemplifies excellence but also serves as motivation for those seeking to leave their mark through meaningful contributions at the nexus of customer service and technological advancement.

Jason Weil


As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) with an impressive 26-year track record, Jason Weil is a dynamic force in the business landscape. Armed with a BBA in International Business from the University of Georgia, Jason’s educational foundation has been instrumental in shaping his career path. Originally hailing from the charming city of Savannah, GA, Jason’s journey has taken him to new heights, currently calling Orlando, FL, home.

In his role as COO, Jason brings a wealth of industry experience and a keen understanding of international business dynamics. His commitment to operational excellence is not only reflected in the boardroom but extends to his favorite hobby – jogging. Jason firmly believes that a morning run is the perfect catalyst to sharpen the mind for the day ahead. This dedication to both physical and professional well-being underscores his holistic approach to leadership.

Jason Weil’s bio is a testament to a career marked by continuous growth and a commitment to excellence. As a COO, he exemplifies the fusion of educational prowess, extensive industry experience, and a dedication to personal well-being, embodying the qualities of a leader poised for continued success in the dynamic world of business.

Mark Ewen


Mark Ewen, serving as Board Advisor, is a Silicon Valley software veteran with more than 25 years of leadership experience managing and scaling global business development, sales, marketing and operations teams. Mark is currently Executive Vice President of Global Business Development and Sales for Senet. Mark and his team at Senet develop and manage customer and partner relationships, leveraging the company’s Low Power Wide Area Network IoT (Internet of Things) software platform. Prior to Senet, Mark held senior executive roles with business-to-business software companies including Actility, Motricity, Openwave and Oracle, driving successful outcomes across a variety of vertical market segments. Mark is originally from Indianapolis and is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Beyond the boardroom, Mark enjoys all things golf and pickleball. His passion for these pursuits underscores his commitment to a well-balanced life. As a Board Advisor, Mark Ewen brings a unique blend of expertise, Midwestern values, and a love for recreation, making him a great match with the IPClear team.

Brian Eury


Brian C. Eury, PhD, is an experienced Higher Education Consultant recognized for his expertise in administrative efficiencies and organizational design. Armed with a Doctorate in Organizational Development and Change, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge cultivated through years of experience in the non-profit sector. Prior to joining IPClear, Brian established his own consulting firm, Carolina Consulting in 2023, after making significant contributions at Cabrini University. His versatile skill set shone through various senior roles, including Acting President, VP of External Relations and Community Development, and Chief of Staff and SVP of Strategic Initiatives. Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brian’s commitment to community development is deeply ingrained. Currently residing in Media, Pennsylvania, he continues to positively impact the local landscape. Beyond the professional realm, Brian finds fulfillment in coaching his children’s sports teams, showcasing his passion for mentorship and leadership. An advocate for collaboration, Brian is a member of numerous Chambers of Commerce and is the current Chair of the Delaware County Industrial Authority.

Discover the transformative insights and guidance that Brian C. Eury, PhD, brings to the field of higher education consultancy, where his wealth of experience and dedication make him a trusted partner in navigating organizational growth and change.

Cassondra Cofresi-Tuska

Director of Marketing

Cassondra stands out as a seasoned professional with over 20 years of invaluable experience in writing and marketing, currently holding the esteemed position of Director of Marketing at IPClear. Her journey in the industry includes a significant role as PR Director at a leading brokerage firm, where she showcased prowess in strategic communication and public relations. Originally hailing from Puerto Rico, Cassondra now calls Fort Lauderdale, FL, her home base, adding a touch of her Caribbean roots to her diverse professional background.

Armed with a master’s degree from Texas A&M University, Cassondra has also delved into the dynamic realm of news media as a producer, contributing to innovative content creation that adds a modern touch to her diverse skill set. A prolific writer, she boasts a remarkable track record with over 26 published works throughout her illustrious career. Her dedication and excellence have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by being the proud recipient of 5 Editor’s Choice Awards—an acknowledgment of her exceptional achievements and valuable contributions to the field.

Beyond professional accomplishments, Cassondra gracefully balances her career with personal commitments as a dedicated wife and mother, embodying the essence of a true multitasker. While excelling in the professional arena, she finds solace and excitement in her passions. An enthusiastic scuba diver, she dives into the depths of the ocean, mirroring her adventurous spirit. Simultaneously, her love for travel transcends the ordinary, creating a seamless blend of work and life that reflects her holistic approach to both personal and professional fulfillment.


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